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TOP 5 EXAM TIPS: For all students!

Burning the midnight oil? Rushing through past year papers? Reading every single highlighted word in your notes? It all seems too familiar! It’s less than a month to your examinations and you’re trying to absorb as much information as you can. Preparing for an examination can be stressful and exhausting. Fret not! Eagle Tutors has prepared 5 study tricks that you can use.

#1 Create an effective STUDY TIMETABLE

To start, we suggest you create a simple everyday study routine. Yes, take at least 30 mins to create your own timetable! For example, when is the best time of the day to do Maths? Morning, afternoon or night? For us, doing Math problem sums in the morning helps us stay more alert in the morning. Can you do reading better at particular times? Organize your time based on your abilities and be effective with your time!

#2 Find your studying TECHNIQUE

While some may prefer doing practice paper after practice paper, you may prefer drawing mind maps or other summary diagrams that help you understand and memorize certain concepts and topics. Find your studying technique! You can also try organizing group discussions with your friends and conduct short verbal tests on each other. That way, you’re using your time more effectively!

#3 Work SMART!

While it is important to know ALL your concepts, it is IMPOSSIBLE to know them all in such a short period. Where do your strengths and weaknesses lie? If you’re clueless, take a look at your exam papers, which components are you scoring the least?

Let’s look at this example. Maria, a PSLE English student, is scoring high marks for the editing and vocabulary cloze component but struggles with comprehension passage and continuous writing. As such, Maria should spend more time working on comprehension passages and continuous writing with her tutor. She should memorize new ways of writing, such as using metaphors and similes, that could help improve her composition and understanding of passages.

#4 Find a COMFORTABLE spot

Being in a conducive environment is essential for effective revision! Ensure that you are in a comfortable spot that has all your needs within reach. Where’s the nearest toilet? Where can you get water or food? You don’t want to be wasting more than 15 minutes just looking for a toilet!

Most importantly, know yourself. Do you prefer studying in an isolated, quiet and cool environment or do you prefer a place where there are other students as well? If it’s less than one month to go before the examinations, refrain from changing spots as doing so may invite unexpected distractions and problems!

#5 Hire a private 1 to 1 home tutor on a short-term basis!

Wait, it’s less than two months to go and you’re telling me to hire a tutor? Although we recommend that all students have early and consistent guidance from tutors, the last lap makes all the difference! You need all the help you can get in understanding concepts and applying skills. Private 1 to 1 home tutors can help you do that! They’re experienced tutors who can introduce different techniques and strategies that you can apply during your exams.

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