1. How do I request for a tutor? 

Ans: Simply click on our link and fill in the form! Our agents will contact you shortly. 



2. What are the different tutor categories? 

Ans: Our tutors are as follows; 

- JC/Poly tutors


JC and Poly Tutors offer cheaper and affordable rates. While they may lack tutoring experience, these tutors have achieved excellent results in subjects that your child may be weak in and are passionate about achieving the same results for your child. 

- Undergraduate Tutors 

Undergraduate Tutors refer to tutors who are currently studying in local and private universities such as NTU, NUS, SMU, SIM, SUSS and SUTD. 

- Graduate Tutors 

Graduate Tutors are tutors who have graduated from local and private universities and are currently part - time or full -time tutors. 

- Ex or MOE Teachers 

Ex or MOE Teachers have completed either a Diploma or BA in Education at NIE and have taught in local schools. These teachers are very experienced in the different teaching pedagogy and are familiar with the MOE syllabus. While their rates are relatively higher, the quality of materials prepared are higher as well. 

NIE Teachers 

- NIE Teachers are teacher who are currently undergoing their diploma or BA in Education at NIE. 

2. What are the current rates per hour? 


*Please note that rates are subject to changes. 

3.  What are the subjects available?

Ans: Please refer to the image below. 

4. How much do I have to pay to request for a tutor through Eagle Tutors?

Ans: Our service is completely FREE! There is absolutely no hidden charges of matching fee for this service.

5. I've found a perfect match! Now what's the payment procedure?

Ans: Once there is a perfect match between tutor and tutee, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Payment will be done after every four lessons. For the first cycle, 50% will be payable to Eagle Tutors Singapore as a one-time service fee after the second lesson. The other 50% will be payable to the tutor directly after the fourth lesson. 

For example, Adam has English home tuition once a week, 2 hours each. The fees of each lesson is $70. The fees of $280 is payable to the tutor after every four lessons (8 hours). In the first cycle, 50% ($140)  of the total fees will be payable to Eagle Tutors Singapore after the second lesson. The remaining amount will be payable to the tutor directly after the fourth lesson. For subsequent cycles, the fees of $280 is payable to the tutor after every four lessons. 


Undergrad Tutor 

JC/Poly Tutor

Pre - Primary 

$20 - $25 

Pri 1 - 3  

Pri 4 - 6

Sec 1 - 2

Sec 3 - 4

JC 1/2

$22 - $25 

$22 - $25 

$25 - $35 

$25 - $35 


$20 - $25 

$25 - $35 

$25 - $35 

$30 - $40 

$30 - $40 

$35 - $50 

$25 - $30 

$30 - $35 

$35 - $45 

$40 - $60 

$45 - $65 

$50 - $85 

Graduate Tutor 

NIE Tutors

$20 - $25 

$25 - $35 

$40 - $45 

$40 - $60 

$40 - $60 

$35- $80 

$30 - $40 

$35 - $50 

$45 - $60 

$60 - $80 

$60 - $90 

$60 - $100 

Ex/Current MOE Teacher


Frequently Asked Questions 


Subjects Available

Pre - School

English, Phonics, Maths, Mother Tongue

Primary School

English, Phonics, Creative Writing, Maths, Science, Mother Tongue

Lower Secondary 

English, Maths, Science, Mother tongue, Higher Mother Tongue, History, Geography, Literature in English, Art, Music

Upper Secondary 


English, Mother tongue, Higher Mother Tongue

Mathematics and Sciences

E-Maths, A-Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry), Combined Science (Chemistry/Biology), Combined Science (Physics/Biology), Principles of Accounts, Computer Studies, Biotechnology, Design Studies, Fundamental of Electronics

Humanities and the Arts

History, Geography, Literature in English, Social Studies, Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Literature), Combined Humanities (Social Studies/Geography), Combined Humanities (Social Studies/History), Literature in Chinese, Malay Literature, Tamil Literature, Art and Design, Music, Higher Art, Higher Music, Drama, Economics, Business Studies

Junior College 1 & 2 

Knowledge Skills

General Paper, Knowledge & Inquiry, Project Work


Mother tongue (e.g Chinese, Malay, Tamil) 

Mathematics & Sciences

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, A-Maths, Statistics, Computing, Principles of Accounting


Humanities & the Arts

Economics, Geography, History, Literature in English, China Studies in English, China Studies in Chinese, English Language and Linguistics, General Studies in Chinese, Art, Translation (Chinese), Chinese Language & Literature,
Malay Language & Literature, Tamil Language & Literature, Music, Theatre Studies & Drama, Management of Business, French, German, Japanese

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