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Our mission at Eagle Tutors is simple:
to provide high-quality education for our valued students in Singapore. 

We believe that every student should be given the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. 

We believe in connecting students with passionate and determined tutors who will strive for excellent results.

We are dedicated to finding the perfect fit for you.

Perfect Match!

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Why engage EagleTutors?

Perfect Match!

Our search engines enable us to sieve through our large and ever-growing database to find the perfect tutor for you! Whether it's a preferred subject, budget or experience, we will find the perfect match.

Fast Response!

We understand that time is precious especially as a student and in a race for success, there is no time to waste! As such, we guarantee a response between 1-3 working days from the date of your request.

Best Tuition Rates

Our team of experts have developed a range of rates that promote affordability and reasonableness based on one's level of teaching experience and education level. Check out our rates to see what we mean!

No admin fee

Requesting for a tutor is simple and FREE! Sourcing for the perfect tutor for you is a complimentary service provided by EagleTutors.

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